“Life styles are rapidly changing as we live, play and work in an increasingly stressful world. Thus, the basic need for comfort, function and beauty in our surroundings has become essential to our well being. Through interiror design and interior decoration environments much more than simple shelters can be created —, havens which reflect the tastes and preferences of the residents, work, play and living spaces where life can be enjoyed, and from which energy and peace can be drawn.”

Client Relationships are my top priority. I place great emphasis on the importance of what clients have to say – their wants and needs, their budgets and their dreams. it is my privilege as well as my responsibility to provide design solutions in response to their criteria.

Interior design is a joint endeavor. Through meetings, compromises, revisions and, at last, implementation client personalities, life styles and input combine with my creativity, vision and skills, finally resulting in a unique interior.

Listen to architecture. Let the architecture of a structure set the tone for the interior design which follows. Style, spirit and atmosphere of the interior should enhance, reflect and relate to the design of an existing structure.

Use the team approach. Partner with outside consultants, such as architects, lighting designers and others provide the client with a strong team to create the best finished project attainable, within budget.


In 1988 Jean Callan King Interior design LLC relocated from New York city and reopened in East Haddam Connecticut in a large single barn designed by Jean where studio and office are located. THe firm initially focused on Interior architecture— design concept development, space planning, construction management and custom Cabinetry design. As the number of clients and scope of their projects broadened services and goods expanded.

Today Jean Callan King interior Design LLC offers clients a full range of both interior design and interior decoration services. Project management begins with initial design concepts and concludes with finished, furnished interior. All elements of a completed interior are specified, coordinated and purchased — fabrics, wall coverings and furniture, window treatments, lighting and plumbing fixtures, tile and floor coverings, antiques, custom designed furniture and accessories.